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Data Intelligence

About the company

Lumen is a data intelligence company that helps organizations to make better decisions through data. They are a team of data scientists, engineers, and designers who are passionate about data and its potential to transform businesses.

Delta Goal

Delta Goal is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor players every instant of every match. It is a tool that helps coaches and analysts to make better decisions, based on data, and to improve the performance of their teams.

Our involvement

During our collaboration with Lumen, we had the privilege of leveraging our expertise in Artificial Intelligence to develop innovative solutions that have significantly enhanced their products and services.

For this project, we developed a cutting-edge solution that utilizes computer vision to accurately track players and the ball during a match. This advanced tracking system provides real-time data on player movements and ball trajectories, enabling coaches and analysts to gain valuable insights into team performance.

In addition, we created an intuitive application that empowers coaches and analysts to visualize the comprehensive data collected by the platform. This data-driven approach helps them make informed decisions and optimize team strategies.

Our solution has been deployed in several professional football clubs, including many of the Brazilian Serie A teams, as well as other clubs around the world.